Serial Type C/N Date Details Status
N8821V Bellanca BL-17-30A Super Viking 300A 30345 01/01/2000 Private - 13:02 hrs, Crashed into trees and W/O at Monteagle, Tennessee, USA. Pilot and passenger killed. NTSB Ref. ATL00FA019. 24/07/2000 reg cancelled as destroyed. **
ZK-HCM Robinson R22 Beta 0936 01/01/2000 Private - 15:30hrs. W/O when collided with side of gully west of Wanaka, New Zealand after suffering rotor rpm decay. Pilot and passenger safe. **
N421CF Cessna 421B 421B-0513 02/01/2000 Private - 09:50 hrs. Stalled and crashed at Telluride, California after pilot suffered spatial disorientation in adverse weather. Pilot killed. NTSB Ref. DEN00FA037. **
N4389W Piper PA-46-310P Malibu 46-850805 02/01/2000 South West Way - 16:11hrs. Suffered power loss and extensively damaged in forced landing near Odessa, Texas, USA. Pilot and passenger safe. NTSB Ref. FTW00LA057. **
D-HCKV Agusta A109A-II 7345 02/01/2000 Private - 13:30hrs. Hit trees in poor visibility and W/O in emergency landing at Clark Airfield, 1 mile SW of Newby Bridge, Cumbria, UK. Pilot and 5 passengers safe. AAIB Ref. EW/G2000/01/01. **
N5703P Piper PA-24-180 24-776 03/01/2000 Private - 21:30hrs. Ran out of fuel and crashed near Cordesville, South Carolina, USA. Pilot and passenger killed. 12/06/2000 reg cancelled as destroyed. NTSB Ref. ATL00FA021. **
F-GKBR Piper PA-28   03/01/2000 W/O when crashed in forested area at Abreschwiller, France after pilot had become lost.  
N156RA Cessna 172R 17280804 05/01/2000 Airline Training Academy - 21:46hrs. Crashed into Atlantic Ocean approx 4 miles east of St Augustine Airport, St Augustine, Florida, USA after pilot became lost during  a night solo cross country flight. Pilot killed. NTSB Ref. MIA00FA064. 21/06/2000 reg. N156RA cancelled as destroyed. **
PT-KMB Beechcraft E55 Baron TE-1011 05/01/2000 Private - 13:25hrs. Flew into mountainside at Pico dos Tres Estados, Brazil. Pilot and 4 passengers killed.  
5N-AXL Embraer 110P1A Bandeirante 110455 05/01/2000 Skypower Express Airways. Stalled on approach and crashed 400 ft short at Abuja International Airport, Nigeria. Both crew and 10 of 11 passengers safe.  
N5918S Beechcraft D95A Travel Air TD-653 06/01/2000 Superior Aviation, Kingsford, Michigan - 03:40hrs.  Impacted ground near Dunbar, Wisconsin, USA, 8 miles short of Ford Airport, Iron Mountain, Michigan, Pilot killed. NTSB Ref. CH100FA057.
02/10/2001 reg. cancelled as destroyed.
N70CM Cessna 310N 310N-0126 06/01/2000 North Warren Aviation - 17:34hrs. Flew into terrain at Old Forge, Pennsylvania, USA while on instructional flight. Instructor and pupil killed. NTSB Ref. NYC00FA063.
24/05/2000 reg cancelled as destroyed.
N3721J Cessna 150G 15065021 07/01/2000 Private - 06:30 hrs. Suffered engine failure on take off from Marysville, Washington, USA, struck power lines and crashed. Pilot (who had stolen the aircraft) killed. NTSB Ref. SEA00FA037. 29/02/2000 reg. cancelled as destroyed. **
N72602 Hawker Hunter F Mk 51 41H-68026 08/01/2000 Jet Tech International, Chino, California - 14:50 hrs. Suffered engine problems on approach to Chino, California, USA and force landed in field. Pilot ejected but was injured. NTSB Ref. LAX00LA070. 17/11/2014 cancelled. **
N2336Z Beechcraft 23 M-39 08/01/2000 Private - 14:45 hrs. Suffered engine problems on take off from Macon, Georgia, collided with trees and crashed. Pilot and passenger killed. NTSB Ref. ATL00F023. 02/06/2000 cancelled as destroyed. **
N900SH Pitts S-1X 001 08/01/2000 Mark Madden - 10:34 hrs. W/O when crashed during aerobatic manoeuvres at Upland, California. Pilot killed. NTSB Ref:- LAX00LA068. 02/06/2000 reg cancelled as destroyed. **
N656S Slater P-51 49 09/01/2000 Private - 12:24 hrs. Stalled on take off from Hampstead, North Carolina, USA and crashed. Pilot killed. 11/07/2000 cancelled. NTSB Ref. MIA00LA065 **
N2135X Mooney M20M 27-0237 09/01/2000 Denis Perlman - 19:00 hrs. W/O when crashed in water while on approach in fog to Mount Pleasant , South Carolina, USA. Pilot killed. NTSB Ref:- MIA00FA066. **
G-ATZS Wassmer WA-41 Baladou 128 09/01/2000 Temporal Songs Ltd, Calais - 15:00 hrs. Substantially damaged when collided with lights after exiting runway at Calais - 62, France after a non-stabilised approach. Pilot and 3 passengers safe. Later repaired. **
N905DK Aerostar 601P 61P-0308-081 10/01/2000 N3193X Bonanza Corp - 05:19 hrs. W/O when impacted terrain while on approach to Coatesville, Pennsylvania, USA. Pilot and passenger killed. NTSB Ref:- NYC00FA064. **
N1827M Beechcraft D18 A-394 10/01/2000 Methow Aviation. Substantially damaged when landing gear collapsed during emergency landing after loss of control on take off at Pain Field, Everett, Washington, USA. Pilot safe. NTSB Ref:- SEA00LA036. 05/06/2008 cancelled as destroyed. **
164665 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18D Hornet 1095/D090 10/01/2000 VMFA9AW)-242 - USMC. W/O when crashed near Yuma, Arizona, USA after loss of control. Both crew ejected safely. log
HB-AKK Saab 340B 213 10/01/2000 Crossair - 17:56 hrs. W/O when impacted field near Nassenwil, Switzerland after loss of control. All 3 crew and 7 passengers killed. AAIU Ref:- 1781. **
N31JA Bell OH-58C Kiowa 41634 11/01/2000 Jicarilla Apache Police Department - 12:15 hrs. Substantially damaged when impacted terrain near Lindrith, New Mexico, USA after entering uncontrolled spin. Pilot and 3 passengers injured. Aircraft repaired. **
N901SF Bell OH-58A Kiowa   11/01/2000 San Francisco Police Dept - 21:00 hrs. W/O when impacted terrain 3 miles SW of Crows Landing, California, USA. Pilot and passenger killed. NTSB Ref:- LAX00GA073. 04/04/2000 reg cancelled as destroyed. **
C-FIVA de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver 515 13/01/2000 Cargair - 16:00 hrs. Substantially damaged when crashed at Lac Adonis, Québec, Canada. Pilot and 2 passengers killed. 3 passengers injured. TSB Ref:- A00Q0006.  **
HB-AAM Shorts 360-300 SH.3763 13/01/2000 Avisto, opf. Sirte Oil Company - 14:38 hrs. W/O after ditched 5 km off Marsa el-Brega, Libya after both engines flamed out. 1 of 3 crew and 21 of 38 passengers killed. AAIU Ref:- 1732. **
N95552 Cessna 152 15285920 14/01/2000 Central Flying Service - 09:51 hrs. W/O when impacted terrain at Carlisle, Arizona, USA. Pilot killed. NTSB Ref:- FTW00FA063. 11/05/2000 cancelled as destroyed. **
HB-HOO Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer 394 14/01/2000 Pilatus Aircraft 13:18 hrs. W/O when crashed Broomfield, Colorado, USA after pilot lost control during delivery flight. Pilot killed. NTSB Ref:- DEN00FA044. **
TAM-60 Lockheed C-130B Hercules   14/01/2000 Bolivian AF - 12:16 hrs. W/O in runway excursion on take off at Chimore Airport, Bolivia. All 7 crew safe, 5 of 24 passengers killed.  
G-JRSL Agusta A109E Power 11036 14/01/2000 Perment Ltd - 16:55 hrs. W/O when rolled on landing at Wheelgate Farm, near Romney Marsh, Kent, UK after loss of electrical power. Pilot and 2 passengers injured. AAIB Ref:- EWC2000/01/01.06/07/2000 cancelled by CAA. **
YS-09-C Let L-410UVP-E 861620 15/01/2000 TACSA - 13:04 hrs. Crashed on take off from Tobias Bolanos Airport, Costa Rica after pilot failed lower flaps. 1 of 3 crew and 4 of 15 passengers killed.  
D-ILMS Cessna 421C Golden Eagle III 421C0891 16/01/2000 Alster Flug Center. W/O and DBF when hit trees and crashed while on approach to Heringsdorf airport, Usedom Island, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. Pilot injured.  
N999EV Robinson R44   02/02/2000 Private training flight - substantially damaged during practice autorotation at Palo Alto, California, USA **
ST-APY Boeing 707-351C   03/02/2000 Trans Arabian Air Transport. Crashed into Lake Victoria on approach to Mwanza, Tanzania.  
G-BKAR Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk 38-79A1091 18/04/2000 Private -13:00hrs. Aircraft had force landed in field E of Teeside Airport, County Durham, UK on 16/04/2000. It was moved to an adjacent field but when the pilot attempted take off it suffered a loss of power, the left wingtip struck a post and the aircraft crashed. Pilot safe. Aircraft extensively damaged. AAIB Ref. EW/G2000/04/12.  **
G-INGR Reims Cessna F150J 0492 19/04/2000 Private - 16:21hrs. W/O when collided with Yakolev Aerostar, Reg. RA02030 2 nm N of North Weald Airfield while in circuit for North Weald. Pilot and passenger killed. 11/01/2001 cancelled as destroyed. AAIB Ref:- EW/C2000/4/4. **
RA02030 Yakolev Aerostar   19/04/2000 Private - 16:21hrs. W/O when collided with Reims Cessna F150J, Reg. G-INGR 2 nm N of North Weald Airfield while in circuit for North Weald. Pilot  killed. 11/01/2001 cancelled as destroyed. AAIB Ref:- EW/C2000/4/4. **
G-SAEW Aerospatiale AS355F2 Ecureuil II 5435 21/04/2000 Veritair Ltd, Cardiff Airport - 19:37hrs. Suffered uncommanded yaw to left while in hover, which pilot attempted to control. Aircraft came to rest in roof of house at 9 Coryton Drive, Cardiff, Wales. All 3 crew safe. Aircraft substantially damaged. AAIB Ref. EW/C2000/04/05. 14/08/2000 reg. G-SAEW cancelled as destroyed. **
TC-THL Avro RJ.70 E.1249 22/04/2000 THY Turkish Airlines - 14:15 hrs. Overran on wet runway landing at Siirt Airport, Turkey. All 4 crew and 44 passengers safe.  
G-JEAP Fokker F27 500 Friendship 10459 01/07/2000 Dart Group Plc - 05:08hrs. Overshot on landing at Coventry Airport, UK, and impacted perimeter fence. Both crew safe. Thought that aircraft would not be repaired and broken for spares. AAIB Ref. EW/C2000/7/1. 21/03/2005 reg. cancelled to Turkey.  
VH-ODL Air Tractor AT-802A 802A-0056 04/07/2000 Crashed at Mt Gambier Aerodrome, Australia during fire fighting demonstration at Airshow **
HK-851P Curtiss C-46A Commando 383 09/07/2000 R.M. Marmolejo. Lost control and crashed after suffering engine fire on take off from La Vanguardia Airport, Villavicencio, Colombia. Both crew and 8 of 17 passengers killed. **
CC-PZN Cessna U206A U206-0619 22/07/2000 W/O at Chinique, Chile while paradropping 10 km from Melipilla.  
G-MAYA Aero L-29 Delphin 394912 18/08/2000 Red 64 Ltd, Bromley - 13:21hrs. Crashed into sea during aerobatics display at Eastbourne Airport, East Sussex, UK. Pilot killed. AAIB Ref. EW/C2000/08/01. 16/02/2001 reg. G-MAYA cancelled as destroyed.   **
ZS-MXB Cessna 210   10/09/2000 Peter Van De Merwe. Nose landing gear trapped in drainage ditch and sheared off at Mwanza Airport, Tanzania.  
F-GCHL Cessna F152 F15201708 16/09/2000 Badly damaged landing at Valreas, France  
VH-SUA Cessna A188B 18802973T 17/09/2000 DBR after failing to climb after take off at Mullewa, Western Australia  
VH-PMW Piper PA-28R-200 28R-7335091 22/09/2000 Destroyed by arsonist at Melton, Victoria  
F-BOLS Aerocommander AC.200D 351 24/09/2000 w/o while performing aerobatics at Marcillac, France  
F-BVEE Piper PA-34-200 34-7450060 01/10/2000 Badly damaged in wheels up landing at Aix-le-Milles, France  
F-GECT Aerospatiale SA.315B Alouette 2666 18/10/2000 W/O after hitting HT wires at Auris-en-Oisans, France  
ZS-LJN Piper PA-28-140 28-25116 05/11/2000 Crashed at Kittyhawk, South Africa. Wreck removed to Wonderboom.  
C-FXAY Piper PA-28-140   21/12/2000 Private flight - crashed on take-off from Mascouche, Quebec, Canada **
G-GLBL Lindstrand LBL AM32000 HAFB 444 25/12/2000 Lindstrand Balloons Ltd. Ditched in sea off Hawaii, USA. 12/12/2000 cancelled as destroyed.  
N61CS Piper PA-28-140 28-7325163 30/12/2000 A.V. Aviation - 14:30hrs. Collided with trees and a building during an attempted take off at Rosamond, California, USA. Pilot safe. NTSB Ref LAX01LA067. 30/10/2003 N61CS cancelled as destroyed. **
N88AT Piper Aerostar 602P 62P08628165003 31/12/2000 Skyline Ranch Investment Company. W/O when impacted Okanagan Mountain while on approach to Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. Pilot and 3 passengers killed. TSB Ref:- AooP0244. Canada - NTSB Ref:-CHI01LA056.  **
C-FHFS Sikorsky S-61N   13/01/2001 Logging operation - crashed into hillside at Porteau Cove, British Columbia, Canada. **
G-BRRM Piper PA-28-161 2841260 15/01/2001 Crashed on landing at Rochester after a flight from Biggin Hill. Substantially damaged. Cancelled as wfu 14/06/2001.  
C-FFJF Cessna 172M   16/01/2001 Sightseeing flight - crashed into trees near Victoria, British Columbia, Canada **
YV-224C Douglas DC-3C   20/01/2001 Crashed in El Peru area, via La Piscina, Venezuela after pilot was attempting to return to Ciudad Bolivar after suffering engine problems shortly after take off. All 4 crew and 20 passengers killed.  
C-GNIE Piper PA-31-350   25/01/2001 Scheduled mail service flight - crashed on go around at Val-d'Or airport, Quebec, Canada **
G-BZHM Vans RV-6A PFA 181-13083 18/02/2001 Private - 14:00 hrs. Right wing struck ground during turn and aircraft crashed at Bagber Farm, Milborne St Andrew, Dorset, UK. Pilot and passenger injured. 09/08/2001 reg. cancelled as destroyed. AAIB Ref:- EW/G2001/02/09. **
G-BNMT Shorts 360-300 SH-3723 20/02/2001  Loganair. Flight LC670A departed Edinburgh Runway 06 on a Royal Mail charter flight to Belfast. The aircraft came down in the Firth of Forth estuary some 100 metres from the shoreline near Granton Harbour. Reportedly, the crew radioed that both engines had failed. Weather reported just before the accident with a temperature of +2°C, dewpoint of -3°C, visibility of more then 10km, broken clouds at 4'500ft. Both crew members killed.  
N8736Y Piper PA-30   27/02/2001 Private flight - crashed 3 miles from St Johns IAP, Newfoundland, Canada, shortly after take off **
JA123X Piper PA-28-181 2843262 14/03/2001 W/O at Shodo-gun, Kagawa Pref, Japan.  
N5812F Cessna 210F   25/03/2001 Private flight - crashed on Teslin Lake, 4 miles west of Teslin, Yukon, Canada **
C-GDCC Boeing 737-200 20681 30/03/2001 Royal Aviation Inc - overran on take off at St John's IAP, Newfoundland, Canada **
C-GVAR Robinson R22 Beta 2110 04/04/2001 Canadian Helicopters Ltd - struck ground 10 nm west of Buttonville Airport, Ontario, Canada while on training flight **
VH-RIB Robinson R44 0733 04/04/2001 Ditched in sea following engine failure while flying round a yacht off Airlie Beach, Queensland  
VH-WOQ Bell 407 53436 21/04/2001 Ditched in sea  near Howard Patch, Swain Reefs, Queensland, Australia **
C-FMHM McDonnell Douglas 369E   27/04/2001 Heli-Max Ltd - extensively damaged after making precautionary landing 26 nm north of Baker Lake, Nunavut Canada after experiencing engine problems **
OE-GSW Cessna 560 560-0088 28/04/2001 DBR on landing at Peretola Airport, Florence. 09/2001 cancelled.  
VH-HFS Beech 76 ME-373 30/04/2001 Crashed 11km NW of Ardrossan, Southern Australia  
C-FHRL Robinson R22 Beta 1361 06/05/2001 BC Helicopters - crashed 10 nm east of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada while on a training flight **
G-BYEG Cessna182S 18280404 12/05/2001 . Private. W/O when stalled on take off and crashed at Leicester. Pilot and passenger killed. Reg. cancelled 24/07/2002. AAIB Ref:- EW/C2001/1/5/4 **
G-EEMV Hawker Sea Fury FB11 41H-636335 12/05/2001 Private - 13:59 hrs. (Ex WH588) Substantially damaged when nosed over when landing at Sywell Aerodrome, Northamptonshire, UK. Pilot killed. AAIB Ref:- EW/C2001/5/2. **
ZS-VFB Auster J/5G 3078 16/05/2001 Set on fire by vandals at Bethal, South Africa.  
C-FGZR Cessna T310Q 310Q1034 25/05/2001 Private. Impacted trees and crashed while acting as birddog during fire fighting operations 33 nm NE of Red |Earth Creek, Alberta, Canada. Pilot and air attack officer killed. TSBC Ref:- A01W0118. **
G-BTWR Bell P-63A Kingcobra 33-397 01/06/2001 Stalled and crashed while performing at the Biggin Hill Air Fair. The pilot was killed and the aircraft destroyed.  
VH-JON Piper PA-44-180 44-8195021 03/06/2001 Crashed at Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia  
ZS-MMP Piper PA-28-32R-301T 32R-8229017 23/06/2001 W/O near Witbank, South Africa, after in flight break up.  
ZU-BLG Aerotrike 95 25/06/2001 W/O at Rastenburg  
YV-117CP PZL-Mielec M-28   27/06/2001 Crashed on take off at Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. 3 crew and 10 passengers killed.  
ZS-HET Cessna 182   12/07/2001 Destroyed when hangar collapsed at Vereeniging.  
XZ363 SEPECAT Jaguar GR3   23/07/2001 41? Sq., RAF. [FO]. During an overseas exercise, the aircraft crashed into a mountain west of Eagle, Alaska. The pilot, F/Lt Jason Hayes, did not eject and was killed. (PPRUNE report shows that F/Lt Hayes was with 54 Sq.)  
ZU-ARS Windlass Trike WL47 25/07/2001 W/O after hitting irrigation while low flying at Hartswater, South Africa  
EC-ASA Piper PA-25-150 25-491 01/09/2001 Crashed and DBF at San Quirce del Valles, Barcelona, Spain after problems during an attempted banner pick up from Sabadell.  
EC-FBK Piper PA-36-375 36-7802071 08/09/2001 Hit HT lines while spraying and crashed inverted at Utrera, Seville, Spain  
SE-DMA Douglas DC-9-87 53009 05/10/2001 W/O on take off at Linate.  
CC-LLA Cessna 210M 21062334 08/10/2001 W/O at Chimba Airfield, near Calama, Anofagasta, Chile.  
G-BKTY SOCATA TB-10 Tobago 363 19/10/2001 Crashed near Sherburn-in-Elmet while on a flight from Sherburn to Crosland Moor. The pilot was killed and the aircraft destroyed.  
HB-IXM Avro RJ.100 E.3291 27/10/2001 Crossair - 22:06 hrs. Crashed 2.5 miles W of Kloten Airport, Zurich, Switzerland, while on approach. 3 of 5 crew and 21 of 28 passengers killed.  **
SE-LGA Bae 3101 Jetstream 636 24/11/2001 Left propeller struck runway on landing at Skien Airport, Norway and aircraft skidded off runway. **
N7007F Robinson R44   30/11/2001 Private - struck power lines and crashed on Interstate Highway 43 near Waukesha, Wisconsin. Pilot killed. **
HB-VLV Cessna 560 Citation V 560-0077 12/12/2001 Crashed shortly after take off from Zurich Airport, Switzerland. **
TC-THG Avro RJ.100 E.3241 20/12/2001 THY Turkish Airlines - 20:19 hrs. Impacted ground in fog while on approach to Diyarbakir Airport, Turkey. All 5 crew and 70 of 75 passengers killed.  
PK-LID Boeing 737-291 20363/218 08/01/2002 Lion Airlines - W/O on aborted take off from Pekanbaru Airport, Indonesia **
PK-GWA Boeing 737-3QB 24403/1706 14/01/2002 Garuda Indonesia Airways - W/O in emergency landing in the Benjawang Solo river 15 miles from Yogjakarta (Yokyakarta), Indonesia after double engine failure **
RP-C937 Cessna 150H 15068070 16/01/2002 Aeroflight Aviation Corp., suffered engine failure on take off from Plaridel, Philippines and overturned in paddy field  
80-0022 McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle 0665/C171 23/01/2002 46 TW, 40 FTS, USAF. Suffered structural failure of port fin during high speed dive and crashed in Gulf of Mexico 60 miles S of Panama City, Florida.  
LN-JAN Sequoia F.8L Falco 626 30/04/2002 W/O at Anda i Sandane. (Possibly repaired)  
ZA599 PANAVIA Tornado GR4   09/05/2002 After suffering control difficulties, both crew ejected and the aircraft crashed in the Humber Estuary near Brough, East Yorkshire. Both crew safe.  
F-GJYZ Hughes Schweizer 269C 65-0419 17/05/2002 Aerial spraying - hit HT lines near Vauciennes, France and crashed. **
HI-757CA Robinson R44   28/05/2002 Helicopteris de Caribe - substantially damaged during hard landing near Bavaro, Higuey, Dominican Republic. **
N528XJ Avro RJ.85 E.2353 13/07/2002 Mesaba Airlines - 12:24 hrs. While being taxied back to terminal at Memphis International Airport, Tennessee the aircraft collided with Gate C2 jetway and was W/O. No injuries.  
OB-1261 Cessna T210N 21064675 28/07/2002 Cielos del Oriente. Lost engine power after take off from Atalayo, Peru and substantially damaged during forced landing near Puerto Portillo. Pilot and 2 passengers injured. 3 passengers uninjured. NTSB Ref:- FTW02WA229. **
OB-1226 Cessna U206G 20606136 12/09/2002 Aero Pantanal. W/O when crashed in dense forest after attempting a forced landing after declaring emergency on take off from Atalaya, Peru. Pilot and 5 passengers killed. **
00-3065 General Atomics RQ-1K/L Predator P-065 15/10/2002 USAF - crashed in Nevada Test Range, USA while on training mission.  
VH-NBR Air Tractor AT-301 301-0528 25/10/2002 W/O after hitting wires while spraying at Gojango, Queensland  
VH-MKH Cessna P206 P2060143 25/10/2002 W/O after hitting an airfield building shortly after take off at Barwon, New South Wales  
ZB605 Bae Harrier T8   30/10/2002 899 NAS. [720]. Suffered engine fire during overshoot at Wittering, Cambridgeshire. Student ejected safely but instructor, who was second to eject, was killed as by this time the aircraft as inverted.  
VH-XEL American Aviation AA-5A AA5A-0132 05/12/2002 DBR in forced landing after engine failure at Delegate, New South Wales  
00-0370 General Atomics RQ-1K/L Predator P-070 15/12/2002 USAF - shot down by MiG 25 near Al Kut, Iraq.  
LN-ASQ Reims Cessna F172M F17201448 23/12/2002 Destroyed in hangar at Hokksund,   
LN-BDX Reims Cessna F172M F1720916 29/12/2002 Destroyed in hangar at Hokksund,   
VH-BCU SEAREY N426 29/12/2002 Landed on water with the landing ear and sank in Lake Munmorah, New South Wales.  
VH-AZH Bell 206B 3075 10/01/2003 Crashed while uplifting water from the Bendora Dam, 37 km southwest of Canberra during firefighting operations **
VH-ELZ Cessna 402 4020206 13/01/2003 DBR after gear collapsed on landing at Adelaide, Southern Australia  
80-0030 McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle 0680/C179 21/02/2003 53 FW, 422 TES, USAF. Collided with F-15C reg. 83-0040 during air combat training and crashed in the Nevada Test Range near Mormon Peak. Pilot ejected safely.  
ZG710 PANAVIA Tornado GR4   17/03/2003 12 Sq., RAF. [D]. Shot down by a US Patriot missile when on approach to land at Ali Al Salem, northern Kuwait. Missile crew thought that aircraft was an incoming missile. Both crew killed.  
VH-ATZ Robinson R22 Beta 0507 23/03/2003 Skid hooked on a rock and aircraft rolled over at Fairlight Station, Queensland  
ZK-JML Kolb Twinstar II MAANZ/437 16/04/2003 Private flight - crashed shortly after take off from Foxpine airfield, New Zealand **
G-BVVC Hawker Hunter F6A   10/05/2003 Ex XF516. [19]. Private aircraft. Both electrical generators failed resulting in engine flameout. Pilot was unable to restart engine and aircraft crashed in the Dyfi Estuary near Aberdovey, Wales. Pilot sustained minor injuries after ejecting.  
EC-CMP Cessna FR172T FR1720521 01/06/2003 Collided with car during a pre dawn take of at the Finca Santa Catalina, Cabezas Rubias, Huelva, Spain.  
HB-XQF Schweizer S.269C   17/06/2003 W/O - NFI - requires update  
WB271 Fairey Firefly AS5   10/07/2003 RN Historic Flight. During an air display at Duxford, Cambridgeshire, the aircraft failed to recover from an inverted roll and crashed in a field. Both crew were killed.  
VH-MPZ Cessna 310R 310R0551 12/07/2003 DBR at Kununurra, Western Australia  
G-CSPJ Hughes 369HS 550745S 19/07/2003 Hughes Helicopter Co Ltd - 08:49 hrs. Crashed at Cudham Lane South, Knockholt, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK. Pilot and 2 passengers killed. AAIB Ref:- EW/C2003/07/03. 26/01/2004 cancelled as destroyed. **
VH-APJ Cessna 172M 17262438 18/08/2003 Crashed into swampland on approach to Barwon Heads, New South Wales.   
VH-KHM Bell 47G-381 6629 22/09/2003 Main rotor blades collided with stationary Robinson R22 while landing at Jugiong, New South Wales. Both aircraft destroyed  
VH-AZV Robinson R44 1325 22/09/2003 Drifted into light stanchion after lift off from Caboolture, Queensland, Australia  
VH-GUY Piper PA-25-235B 25-3750 03/10/2003 W/O while spraying at Cecil Plains, Queensland  
VH-HGP Cessna 421C 421C0202 23/12/2003 DBR after overrunning the landing strip on Lord Howe Island, Australia  
HB-XQA Kaman K-1200   08/01/2004 W/O while logging at Grandvillard, Switzerland.  
ZK-HLD Robinson R22 Beta 1189 11/01/2004 Ferry flight - suffered engine failure and rolled over on landing on Waiotahi Beach, New Zealand **
HB-ONH Piper J-3C-100 Cub   05/02/2004 Badly damaged after failing to get airborne after a field landing at La Gardette Buis Les Baronnies, Drome, France en route from Montelimar to Aubenas.  
VH-GIM L-13 Blanik 025907 18/02/2004 Crashed at Childers, Queensland  
EC-YKV Starduster Too   22/05/2004 Badly damaged at Casarrubius Airfield, Toledo, Spain.  
VH-HGU Robinson R22 Beta 2283 06/06/2004 DBR after hitting a tree during low flying at Armraynald, Queensland  
EC-GVR Robinson R22 Beta   14/06/2004 Badly damaged at Puerto de Navarcerrada, Madris, Spain.  
EC-ZIC Quick Kit Glass Goose   16/06/2004 W/O at Alcorcon, Spain while on a local flight from Cuarto Vientos. Date may be 12/07/2004 - update required.  
VH-DDQ Cessna 150F 15063461 16/06/2004 DBR after failing to climb and force landed near Gladstone Airfield, Queensland **
02-5308 Boeing AH-46D Longbow Apache PVD 308 20/06/2004 C/Coy1, 3rd Avan, US Army. Crashed in wooded area 5 miles east of Richmond Hill, Fort Stuart, Georgia, USA. Both crew killed.  
SE-KSB Cessna 185E 18501794 22/06/2004 Crashed on take off at Hagernas seaplane base, Sweden,
05/10/2004 reg. cancelled.
C-GNSG Piper PA-46-350P 4636148 24/06/2004 Right tyre blew out during roll out after landing at Melfort, Saskatchewan, aircraft departed runway and nose gear collapsed  
HB-XFX Aerospatiale AS.315B Alouette   05/07/2004 Air Zermath. W/O attempting to land on the Capanna Margeritha mountain, Italy, at the 4500 m altitude.  
OO-ZJY Janus B 79 10/07/2004 w/o in France in mid air collision with LS-6C reg. F-CGUI. 08/01/0214 reg. cancelled.  
VH-RTK Bell 47G-3B1 6603 13/07/2004 Crashed into gully 12km west of Wodonga while crop spraying. Pilot killed **
EC-FTQ PZL M-18A Dromader   19/07/2004 W/O and DBF while spraying at Beariz, Ofense, Spain.  
ZA491 PANAVIA Tornado GR4   22/07/2004 31 Sq., RAF. [DL]. Crashed in North Sea. Both crew ejected safely.  
EC-FEH Cessna 150L   22/07/2004 Badly damaged in forced landing 23 km east of Cordoba while en route Cuarto Vientos to Cordoba, Spain  
HA-SUP Robin DR.400/180R ?   14/08/2004 Berepszer KfT. Caught fire prior to official registry at Tokol, Hungary. Believed to have been DR.400/180R, reg. D-EVEH, c.n 1552  
G-STYX Pegasus Quik 7932 21/08/2004 Private - 13:41 hrs. W/O when  impacted terrain at Eastchurch, Isle of Sheppey, Kent, UK after trike unit separated from wing during tumbling sequence during training flight. Both crew killed. AAIB Ref:- EW/C2204/08/03. 01/03/2005 reg cancelled as destroyed. **
HB-ZBA Bell 407   23/08/2004 W/O at Bisisthal, Switzerland, while engaged in logging operation. 10/2004 - cancelled.  
G-BOIU SOCATA TB10 Tobago 811 28/08/2004 10:56 hrs. W/O and DBF when impacted fence at Bournemouth International Airport, Dorset, UK in attempted return after loss of engine power on take off. Pilot and 1 passenger injured. 1 passenger killed. AAIB Ref:- EW/C2004/08/05. 16/02/2005 reg cancelled as destroyed. **
WJ866 English Electric Canberra T4   02/09/2004 39 Sq., RAF. During a nightime touch and go the aircraft crashed onto the runway at RAF Marha. The navigator was injured when he ejected but both pilots were killed in the crash.  
ZK-DHX Cessna 188B 18801066 02/09/2004 W/O at Gwavas, New Zealand  
SE-XDZ Jodel D113 1151-159 04/09/2004 Badly damaged on landing at Vallentuna, Sweden (Possibly repaired)  
PT-IBT Cessna 182P 18261057 05/09/2004 Private. Suffered engine failure and substantially damaged in forced landing on Salty Air beach, Maresia, Brazil. Pilot was found to be intoxicated. **
HA-YHST ? TL-96 Star   05/09/2004 Horizont Flying School. Crashed at Farkashegy, Hungary  
HB-ZCB Aerospatiale AS.350B3   06/09/2004 W/O at Val de Bagnes, Switzerland - update required.  
PT-EBF Embraer EMB-810C 810018 07/09/2004 Crashed and W/O 12 miles from Presidente Figueirredo, Brazil after engine failure in adverse weather conditions. Pilot and passenger killed. **
P2-PAW Bell 212 30547 11/09/2004 Destroyed by small arms fire 60km southwest of Kandahar, Afghanistan  
VH-HBQ Robinson R22 Alpha 0489 15/09/2004 DBR after rolling over while mustering at Normanton, Queensland  
G-SPAL Robinson R44 Raven II 10319 19/09/2004 Private - 20:57 hrs. W/O and DBF when impacted terrain at Kentallen, near Oban, Scotland, UK after passenger slumped over controls causing loss of control. Pilot injured. Passenger killed. AAIB Ref:- EW/C2204/09/05. 17/05/2005 reg cancelled by CAA. **
PT-GVS Embraer EMB-201A 200415 30/09/2004 Third Millenium Agricultural Aviation. Struck power cables and crashed while crop spraying 16 miles from Itaqui, Brazil. Pilot seriously injured. **
VH-FEJ Piper PA-36-300 36-7660024 26/10/2004 W/O after hitting HT lines while spraying at Newstead, Victoria, Australia  
PT-UEG Embraer EMB-201A 200611 03/11/2004 Voaar Agricultural Aviation. DBF in forced landing after T/O from Fazenda Nossa Senhora do Loreto farm, Uriguayana, Brazil. Pilot injured. **
ZK-GXZ PZL-Swindnik PW-5 Smyk 17.12.017 07/11/2004 Solo training flight - -entered spin after cable release at Drury airfield, New Zealand and crashed **
PT-JTI Piper PA-34-200 34-7450144 08/11/2004 Fox Air Taxi. Suffered engine failure and crashed on approach to Monte Dourado, Brazil. Pilot and 3 passengers safe. **
VH-LBF Beech 76 ME-344 08/11/2004 DBR landing wheels up at Bankstown, New South Wales  
PT-JNM Cessna 185F 18502353 10/11/2004 Private. Hit water during sight seeing trip in the Rio Negro near Novo Airao, Brazil and sank. Pilot and 2 passengers killed. **
VH-PTX Piper PA-25-235D 25-7556098 11/11/2004 W/O after hitting power lines while spraying at Laidley, Queensland  
VH-MUE Piper PA-28R-200 28R-7635124 14/11/2004 DBR at Griffith, New South Wales, Australia  
PT-CGZ Cessna 182H 18256491 18/11/2004 Private. Hit trees and crashed after attempting to remain in VFR after T/O from a strip at Eunapolis, Bahio, Brazil. Pilot safe, passenger killed. **
PT-RKC Embraer EMB-712 712087 21/11/2004 Private. Collided with tree and crashed shortly after take from Finca Santa Antonio, Balsa Nova, Brazil. Pilot an d 1 passenger killed. 2 passengers injured. **
PT-GQO Embraer EMB-210A 2002281 21/11/2004 Heron Agricultural Aviation. Suffered loss of power and caught fire in forced landing after T/O from Itaqui, Brazil. Pilot safe. **
PP-EOB Aeromet AMT-200 100018 27/11/2004 Private. Crashed and DBF during a simulated engine failure after a touch and go at Salgado Filho Airport, Porto Olegre, Brazil.  
PT-URM Embraer EMB-202 200955 29/11/2004 Private. Collided with trees and crashed while spraying on the Paradise Farm, Jatahy, Brazil. Pilot killed. **
PT-VLQ Embraer EMB-810 810732 01/12/2004 Private. Crashed and sank while on approach to Florianopolis, Brazil. Pilot and 2 passengers safe. 1 passenger killed. **
VH-HFL Robinson R22B2 Beta 3557 07/12/2004 W/O after tail rotor struck a bullock while mustering at Stuart Creek, Western Australia  
VH-CDK Piper PA-32-200 32-40260 08/12/2004 DBR after landing in a paddock to side of runway at Parafield, Southern Australia  
00-4014 Lockheed Martin F/A-22A Raptor 4014 11/12/2004 422 TES, USAF. Lost power on take off at Nellis AFB, Nevada and crashed. Pilot ejected safely.  
PT-OBJ  Beech F33A Bonanza CE-1442 20/12/2004 Private. Crashed near Sao Martinho, Sidrolandia, Brazil. Pilot and passenger killed. **
PT-WBM Maule M-7-235B 2320C 22/12/2004 Private. Broke up in flight while pulling out of dive and crashed near the Rio Negro Lodge, Barcelos, Brazil. Pilot seriously injured.  **
VH-EKA Piper PA-28-180C 28-2753 27/12/2004 DBR after hitting a tree during an attempted go around from Avoid Island Airstrip, Queensland  
VH-BQN Air Tractor AT-802A 802A-0085 30/12/2004 Crashed while engaged in night spraying operations at Wynella Station, Queensland **
VH-DVS Cessna 182K 18258407 06/01/2005 DBR after right wing struck a tree on landing at Binker Station, Queensland  
F-GALD Piper PA-31T Cheyenne 31T-7620032 07/01/2005 DBR at Lesquin, Lille, France. 07/08/2012 cancelled as WFU.  
XV179 Lockheed Hercules C1   14/01/2005 LTW, RAF. Hit by surface to air missile while on routine flight to Balad, Iraq. Fuel in right hand wing exploded and aircraft crashed killing all on board.  
VH-LDZ Cessna 188B 18801245T 30/01/2005 W/O while spraying at Ingham, Queensland  
VH-FGN Gippsland GA-8 Airvan GA8-03-025 02/02/2005 Tsunami relief flight - substantially damaged after undershooting landing on a temporary road/airstrip at Patek, Aceh Province, Indonesia **
EI-CTC Medway Eclipser 158/137 05/03/2005 DBR on the ground at Stradbally airstrip, Co. Laois, Ireland. 06/10/2011 cancelled as destroyed.  
VH-EWN Hughes H269C 54-0307 08/03/2005 W/O following engine failure at Strathmore, Queensland  
VH-HZE Beech 76 ME-105 10/03/2005 DBR in abandoned take off and overrun at Coorabong, New South Wales  
ZK-FOS Piper PA-28-181 28-8090099 11/03/2005 Private. Overran on landing at Te Kowhai, New Zealand. Pilot and passenger safe. Aircraft severely damaged.
29/07/2005 reg. ZK-FOS cancelled as destroyed.
C-FKNZ Robinson R22 Beta 1851 28/03/2005 Rolled over on take off from a field at St Mathieu de Beloeil, Quebec, when the left shoe stuck in the mud  
VH-CLZ Cessna 172RG 172RG0578 31/03/2005 Badly damaged on take off at Warooka, Southern Australia  
VH-GWY Schempp-Hirth Janus 26 18/04/2005 Impacted ground 400m north of runway at Gympie, Queensland. 1 of 2 occupants killed  
F-GCIK Robin DR.400/140B 1459 20/04/2005 Crashed on short finals at Yutz, Thionville, France while conducting a simulated engine failure.  
D-EDVN SOCATA MS893 Rallye 12789 29/04/2005 W/O at Fertoszentmiklos, Hungary. 10/04/2012 reg. cancelled - NFI  
VH-SZK Grumman American G.164A 1650 07/05/2005 11km east of Carnamah - during an engine run-up, the engine backfired and the aircraft was totally destroyed by fire.  
VH-HVJ Robinson R22 Beta 1660 26/05/2005 DBR in forced landing in trees after engine failure at low level at Iffley, Queensland  
ZH805 Bae Sea Harrier F/A2   05/06/2005 FAA. During a test flight from St Athan the aircraft ditched in the sea near Ilfracombe, Devon. Piotr ejected safely.  
B-HJS Robinson R44   11/06/2005 W/O at Pak A, Sai Kung County Park, Hong Kong.  
9Q-CWI Douglas C-47B-35-DK 16509/33257 12/06/2005 Wimbi Dira Airways - bounced on landing and ground looped landing at Kalima Airport, DRC **
YV-664CP Dornier Do 28D-2 Skyservant 4084 15/06/2005 Revemin-Bonanza Mining - 09:40 hrs. Crashed and DBF 5km W of El Callao, Venezuela while en route Puerto Ordaz to the Minerven strip in Edo Bolivar. Pilot and 2 passengers safe.  
HB-CLN Cessna 172RG 172RG0970 19/06/2005 Hit trees and crashed while on go around at Dittingen airfield, Switzerland **
V8-RBA  Boeing 757-2M6 23452 19/06/2005 07/2005 ferried to Kemble for scrapping.
04/08/2005 reg. G-CDMR to TES (757) Ltd, Wales.
22/08/2005 reg. G-CDMR cancelled as PWFU.
ZK-TAX Cessna 172R 17280656 01/07/2005 Private. Stalled after pilot maneuvered to avoid flock of birds and ditched in Wairoa Rivermouth, New Zealand. Instructor and student injured. 09/08/2005 reg. ZK-TAX cancelled as destroyed.  
C-GAVT Cessna A188B AgWagon 18801702 04/07/2005 Southeast Air Service. Stalled while engaged in spraying operation and crashed at Altona, Manitoba, Canada. Pilot injured. Aircraft W/O. 30/08/2012 reg. C-GAVT cancelled.  
HA-YAME Fly Synthesis Storch 912S 238/A29G 09/07/2005 W/O in mid air collision with Apollo Fox 34-07 while in formation on overflight of Likavka Castle near Ruzomberok, Slovakia *
N556MA Beagle B121 Srs 1 Pup   13/07/2005 Private - 15:50 hrs. Substantially damaged in forced landing in field near  Thurrock Airfield, Essex, UK after loss of engine power while on approach. Pilot injured, passenger safe. AAIB Ref:- EW/G2005/07/38. **
SE-YHK Teratron Tierra II 940017 16/07/2005 DBR - NFI. 30/10/2013 cancelled as destroyed.  
C-GAXK Cessna A185F 18502673 16/07/2005 Made a forced landing in swamp area at 5  miles east of Orillia, Ontario **
I-MAEL Eurocopter SA.315B 2510 18/07/2005 Damaged on landing at Mugoni near Porto Conte, Alghero while on fire fighting mission  
YV-883C Cessna 402B 402B0920 20/07/2005 Substantially damaged when gear collapsed on landing at Maiguetia, Venezuela. Pilot safe.  
9M-BCT Bell 206L-4 52150 23/07/2005 Hornbill Skyways - w/o in CFIT accident on high ground north of Balaga, Sarawak  
HL9163 Bell 206L-4 52211 25/07/2005 Korean Bell Helicopter Co. - substantially damaged after ditching in river near Jeonnam, South Korea  
ZS-HUW Bell 47G-3B2 6714 30/07/2005 DBR on landing at Krugerdorp, South Africa  
I-GIUN Maule MX-7-235 10080C 30/07/2005 Badle damaged after overturning while landing at Ravenna, Italy  
ZK-WWH Cessna U206G U20603550 07/08/2005 Air Fiordland. Crashed on take off At Queenstown, New Zealand. Pilot and 5 passengers safe. CAA Ref. 05-008 **
D-EKSI Avions Pierre Robin DR400-180R 754 07/08/2005 Lasham Gliding Society - 13:30 hrs. W/O and DBF in emergency landing at Lasham Airfield, Hampshire, UK after mid air fire during glider towing operations. Pilot safe. **
HA-SGA Zlin Z142 0256 09/08/2005 W/O in CFIT accident in cloud while trying to fly to Brac Island, off the coast of Croatia  
HA-YSVB Pipistrel Virus 912UL   12/08/2005 W/O in CFIT accident in cloud while trying to fly to Brac Island, off the coast of Croatia  
5B-DBY Boeing 737-31S 29099/2982 12/08/2005 Helios Airways - suffered loss of cabin pressure and crashed 2 km from Grammatikos, Greece. **
ZK-HGI Eurocopter AS350 BA 1614 14/08/2005 Rolled over on landing on Franz Josef glacier, New Zealand. Pilot and 7 passengers safe. **
HK-4374X Douglas DC-9-82 49484/1315 16/08/2005 West Caribbean Airways. W/O in a remote area near Mackiques, Zulia State, Venezuela following double engine failure en route Panama to Lamentin. **
ZK-EJV Cessna A152 A1520751 17/08/2005 Private. Overran landing at Taireie Aerodrome, New Zealand. Instructor and pupil safe.   
SP-KPC Vans RV-6A 25821 18/08/2005 w/o at Nadrybie Airfield, Leczna, Poland near Lublin  
ZS-PCJ Britten-Norman BN-2B-27 0869 18/08/2005 B.D. Bendall - crashed during go round at Virginia Aerodrome, Durban, South Africa **
ZK-HPO Robinson R22 Beta 3568 18/08/2005 15:00 hrs. Rotor struck ground and crashed due to change of CofG on takeoff at Molesworth Station, New Zealand. Pilot and passenger safe. Aircraft W/O.  
SP-SDM Mil Mi-2 530322047 20/08/2005 crashed into Lake Trzebierz, near Szczecin, Poland while filling a fire fighting bucket  
OK-HOS Cessna 172P 17274634 21/08/2005 w/o in the Simplon Pass area, Valais, Switzerland en route from Locarno to Friedrichshafen.  
ZE962 PANAVIA Tornado F3   22/08/2005 111 Sq. RAF. [XC]. While on steep climb after take off from Leuchars, Fife, the aircraft entered an uncontrollable spin and the crew ejected. The aircraft crashed in the North Sea. Both crew suffered minor injuries and were rescued.  
RP-C2995 British Aerospace 146-200 E.2034 23/08/2005 Asian Spirit. Aquaplaned while landing at Catamaran National Airport, Philippines and overran. All 6 crew and 32 passengers safe.  
OB-1809-P Boeing 737-244 22580/787 23/08/2005 Transportes Aereos Bacionales de la Selva - 15:09 hrs. crashed in swamp in hailstorm after missed approach to FAP David A Rengifo Airport, Peru. 5 of 7 crew and 35 of 91 passengers killed. **
G-VDIR Cessna 310R 310R-0211 04/09/2005 Private - 15:22 hrs. Substantially damaged when gear collapsed on landing on grass at North Weald Aerodrome, Essex, UK. Pilot not injured. AAIB Ref:- EW/G2005/09/03. 03/03/2006 reg cancelled as destroyed. **
ZK-DZG Fletcher FU24-950   14/10/2005 Suffered vertical fin failure and crashed 5 km west of Whangarei (Pukenui Forest), New Zealand **
VH-KPQ Cessna 150G 15066318 14/11/2005 Crashed 30 km south of Packsaddle, New South Wales **
VH-GIG Carman M-200 15 22/11/2005 Crashed at Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia. Cancelled  
 C-GAPK Beech A100 B-198 06/12/2005 Suffered hard landing from height of 20ft after an ice induced stall at La Ronge, Saskatchewan.  
VH-KVN Aerospatiale AS.350BA   17/12/2005 W/O near Port Hedland Heliport, Western Australia. Cancelled as destroyed  
ZK-HMC Hughes H269C 69-0801 30/12/2005 Destroyed by fire after precautionary landing at Blackburn Swamp, New Zealand, after smoke entered the cockpit.  
ZK-THA Tecnam P92 Echo Super 785 04/01/2006 W/O on take off at Dannevirke, New Zealand **
XB-IZX Beech 76   21/01/2006 Badly damaged in forced landing on an autopista between Hermosillo and Guaymas  
G-BZGE Medway Eclipser 159/139 30/01/2006 Ran into trees on forced landing at Woore, Shropshire, UK due to engine failure **
ZK-FSB Piper PA-38-112 38-79A0399 04/02/2006 Engine cut on take off from Whenuapai Aerodrome and undercarriage separated on forced landing in field. **
ZK-OWE Tecnam P.2004 Bravo 038 19/02/2006 W/O on take off from Wanaka, New Zealand **
YV-2697P Rockwell 681 6044 21/02/2006 Destroyed at El Zumbader near Trujillo, Honduras after being set on fire during a drug run  
PP-XTR Extra EA.230 007 25/02/2006 W/O at High Da Ponte, Eldorado Valley, Atibaia, 60km north of Sao Paolo.  
PT-KEZ Beech V35B D-9681 06/03/2006 W/O and DBF after take off from Alto Araguaia, Brazil  
YV-1084 Cessna 310R   07/04/2006 Badly damaged in wheels up landing at Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela  
PH-ZOD Zenair CH 601 HD Zodiac 6-9024 08/04/2006 w/o in crash at Willebroek, Belgium following control problems on take off from Grimbergen Airport,.  
CC-CTA Bell 206A JetRanger 355 27/04/2006 W/O after ditching in Lago Querto Falls, Chile while engaged in load slinging operations  
G-BAOS Reims Cessna F172M F17200946 30/04/2006 Private - suffered partial loss of engine power due to carburettor icing and substantially damaged in forced landing in a field at Seething, Norfolk. **
VH-JDJ Beech A36 E-1448 10/05/2006 Crashed at Bathurst Island, Northwest Territories.  
FAV1868 Cessna U206   30/05/2006 W/O at Sewer Iguana, Edo Amazonas  
N183K Grumman G-159 84 01/06/2006 Damaged on landing at Necoch, Colombia after being forced down by the FAC. Crew subsequently disappeared - illegal flight.  
XB-IAF Cessna 310R 310R0133 03/06/2006 W/O in CFIT accident near Santa Martha, Mexico while en route Queretaro to Cuernavaca  
59-YS Rans S-12 Airaile   05/06/2006 Destroyed in heavy landing at Avernas, Belgium  
XB-ISC Rockwell 690A 11145 07/06/2006 Badly damaged after falling over a 15m drop while landing at Antizapan de Zaragosa  
HK-2122 Cessna 172N 17269732 18/06/2006 Crashed in suburb of Bogota, Colombia following engine failure on approach to Guaymaral  
XA-UCS Sabreliner 40 282-6 20/06/2006 DBF at Mexico City  
XB-ETS Cessna TU206G U20606819 23/06/2006 W/O on take off at a strip in the Wood municipality, Mexico  
G-BNDO Cessna 152 II 15284574 05/07/2006 Private - suffered electrical fire while in flight and overturned in emergency landing at Wick Farm, Layer Marney, Essex. **
ZG512 Bae Harrier GR9   10/07/2006 1 Sq. RAF. While en-route to the International Air Tattoo at Fairford the pilot was asked to carry out an overshoot at Kidlington Airfield, Oxfordshire by the ATC there. The pilot misjudged a tight turn while trying to avoid flying over Blenheim Palace resulting in loss of control and the aircraft crashing onto the A4260 road at Tackley, 5 miles from Kidlington. The aircraft was fully laden with fuel but was being flown as a lightweight with the incorrect flap and jet settings. The pilot sustained minor injuries after ejecting from the aircraft.  
XB-ETH Piper PA-36-375 36-7660064 11/07/2006 W/O while spraying at the Berlanga Ranch, Soapy, Mexico  
ZK-CDE Moraine Saulnier MS880B 5201 13/07/2006 Badly damaged in forced landing in Awatere Valley, New Zealand, following engine failure **
YN-IVI Robinson R44   15/07/2006 W/O at Trinidad Ranch 24km southwest of Managua, Nicaragua  
PR-ESA Cirrus SR22 1677 17/07/2006 Badly damaged after crashing on take off at Mantena, Brazil, after pilots seat moved backwards on rotation  
YV-1580 Cessna U206G U20604556 23/07/2006 Missing en route Los Roques to Valencia, Venezuela  
VH-UXW Robinson R22 Alpha 0495 24/07/2006 W/O after hitting HT lines at Binnu, Western Australia **
HP-1305FB Bell 47G-2 155 24/07/2006 W/O while spraying at Martina, Gurumal Arriba de Alanje  
C-FKCH Cessna 172M 17262492 27/07/2006 Collided with stone chimney of a house at Baldwin while on a go around after a missed approach, and crashed into yard.   
C-GCHN Cessna 182T 18281612 30/07/2006 Involved in mid air collision with Cessna 172P reg. C-GFGD 1nm west of Caledon, Ontario **
YV-867CP LET L-410   31/07/2006 Reported suffered an accident landing at an illegal strip at La Venturosa, 78 miles from Puerto Ayacuche inbound from another illegal strip in Dpto Vichada, Colombia  
VH-WNR Cessna 182P 18265112 04/08/2006 Collided with power lines and struck house making emergency landing at Archerfield Aerodrome, Queensland, Australia **
FAV2905 Cessna U206   04/08/2006 W/O at Cano Marieta airstrip, Edo Amazonas  
CC-CFK Piper PA-31-310 31-607 08/08/2006 W/O in CFIT accident 10 km from Cuesta Pajonales, Coquimbo, Chile **
YV-492C Cessna 207A 20700260 09/08/2006 W/O on take off from Cano Negro, Manapiare, Amazon State, Venezuela  
YV-2644P Cessna U206   11/08/2006 Crashed at Guariche north of Canaima while en route Uriman to El Manteco, Edo Bolivar  
FAV1565 Cessna U206   11/08/2006 W/O near Parima B airstrip, Edo Amazonas  
LV-HIV Cessna 185A 185-0246 13/08/2006 Damaged in forced landing at San Miguel, Paraguay, 350km south of Asuncion. Drugs found in wreck  
ZP-TDZ GAF N22B Nomad N22B-57 25/08/2006 DBR in forced landing in a field at Cerrillos,16 km south of Salta, Argentina  
XV230 Hawker Siddeley Nimrod MR2   27/08/2006 120 Sq., RAF. Suffered a fire in the rear fuselage after an in flight refuelling and crashed near the village of Chalaghor, 10 miles from Kandahar, Afghanistan. All 14 crew killed.  
OY-CRG British Aerospace 146-200A E.2075 27/08/2006 Atlantic Airways - 07:32 hrs. Overran on landing at Sorstokken Airport, Stord, Norway and W/O. 1 of 4 crew and 3 of 12 passengers killed. **
ZK-DAH Cessna A185E 185-1492 02/09/2006 On touchdown at Mercer, New Zealand, the aircraft yawed to the right - pilot over corrected with rudder and brake and eventually flipped over. **
ZK-EQU Piper PA-28-161 28-8116111 ? 10/10/2006 Substantially damaged in overrun when landing at Invercargill, New Zealand **
ZK-DXH Cessna U206F U20602996 19/10/2006 Suffered mechanical failure and crash landed in vineyard at Whenuapai, New Zealand **
ZK-GSH Schempp-Hirth Janus 57 25/10/2006 Substantially damaged after wingtip struck ground on winch launch at Puhipihi near Whangarei, New Zealand **
N60BS Burton Christen Eagle II SIMON-0001 04/11/2006 Impacted hill near Pfronten, Germany **
ZG711 PANAVIA Tornado GR4   11/11/2006 2 Sq. RAF. [O]. Suffered bird strike during a bomb run at Holbeach Range, UK and crashed onto mud flats in the Wash. Both crew ejected safely.  
LV-WFI Aero Boero AB180 154 16/11/2006 W/O while spraying near the Hermoso Campo, Chaco Province, Argentina.  
F-GHKB Piper PA-28-161 2841253 24/11/2006 W/O at Mareges, France while en route Chelles Le Pin to Aurillac. 07/12/2012 cancelled as destroyed.  
ZU-ECO Flight Design CTSW   11/12/2006 Spun in and crashed after take off from Brits Aerodrome, South Africa **
VH-OSS Bell 47G-3B   29/12/2006 W/O 3 km east of Walkerstone, Queensland.  
VH-NZG Bede BD-5B BD-5963 16/02/2007 Stolen and crashed at Northam, Western Australia - NFI  
JA9826 SA.315B   21/04/2007 DBR in crash at Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan  
ZK-EAK Hawker Beechcraft 1900D   19/05/2007 Damaged in wheels up landing at Woodbourne Aerodrome, Blenheim, New Zealand **
ZU-DYC Rainbow Cheetah   04/06/2007 Crashed into dam near Springs, South Africa  
HK-1894-I Piper PA-28-181 28-7890060 18/06/2007 Aerocentro. Badly damaged in forced landing at Chupaderos near Manizales, Colombia.  
ZS-OVZ Boeing Stearman E-75   23/06/2007 W/O at Letsitele,  near Tzaneen, South Africa, after the engine separated from the aircraft during a stall turn. **
ZS-OWT Robinson R44 Raven II   29/06/2007 Student pilot started a/c at full throttle and was unable to control it at Grand Central, South Africa  
ZU-EJL Zlin Savage Cruiser   29/06/2007 Burnt out frame noted at Cato Ridge having been DBF in hangar fire.  
PT-REX Embraer EMB-810C 810359 05/07/2007 W/O after hitting HT tower in poor weather in Alagoas state, northeast Brazil.  
ZS-RRF Robinson R22 B2 Beta   21/07/2007 W/O after hitting HT wires and crashing into the Vaal River near Kim, South Africa  
EI-CIZ Steen Skybolt 001 27/07/2007 Private flight - crashed while carrying out aerobatics at Ardfert Airfield, Co, Kerry, Ireland **
VH-YJB(2) Rockwell 500S   28/07/2007 W/O in bad weather near Clonbinane, 60 miles north of Melbourne.  
HK-1149 Douglas C-47B 15148/26593 29/07/2007 W/O near Puerto Concordia, Colombia?  
LQ-ZYR Bolkow Bo.105S   31/07/2007 W/O and DBF at Balcarre between Ayacucho and Tandil, Argentina.  
LV-ZJK Piper PA-18A-150 18-4171 01/08/2007 W/O at Los Molinos, 60 miles southeast of Cordoba.  
PT-SDB Embraer EMB-110P1 110323 13/08/2007 Two Taxi Aereo. W/O after take off from Curitiba, Brazil.  
XV205 Lockheed Hercules C1   21/08/2007 LTW, RAF. [205]. Suffered heavy landing in Afghanistan and as could not be repaired at site, was blown up by coalition forces.  
G-AVGO Piper PA-28-140 28-22782 22/08/2007 Private - force landed in field NE of Deanland. 05/11/2010 cancelled as destroyed. **
00-3579 Raytheon T-6A Texan II PT-83 24/08/2007 14 TFW, 41 FTS, USAF. Collided in mid air with T-6A reg. 01-3613 and crashed at Columbus AFB, Mississippi, USA. Both crew safe.  
ZK-ETY Cessna 152   16/09/2007 Collided with Robinson R22 reg. ZK-HGV at Paraparaumu, New Zealand **
ZK-HGV Robinson R22   28/11/2007 Collided with Cessna 152 reg. ZK-ETY at Paraparaumu, New Zealand **
F-BNTM Piper PA-32-300 32-40086 17/02/2008 W/O on landing at Octeville, Le Havre. 11/12/2012 cancelled as destroyed.  
YR-BEB British Aerospace 146-200 E.2220 17/02/2008 Carpatair - 18:17hrs. Suffered runway excursion on landing at Otopeni International airport, Bucharest, Romania and W/O. All 6 crew and 67 passengers safe. **
G-OTOY Robinson R22 Beta 0888 08/03/2008 Tipped over during training flight at Wellesbourne Airfield, Warwickshire  
D-EIDW Fuji FA-200-180 FA200-208 10/04/2008 Motorflugunion Klosterneuburg - 18:26 hrs. Suffered engine failure en route Weiner Neustadt Ost Airfield and W/O when crashed landed at Breitenau, Austria. Pilot and passenger safe. 14/01/2011 cancelled as destroyed. **
G-LAVH Robinson R44 Raven II 12208 22/04/2008 Heavy landing at private landing site at Bury, Lancashire  
D-EPOE Piper PA-46-350P/DLX 4622180/86 23/04/2008 Private - 17:30 hrs. Struck power lines during touch and go at Baganzola near Parma, Italy and crashed. Pilot and 2 passengers killed.  **
ZD408 Bae Harrier GR9   28/04/2008 Suffered engine seizure and crashed near Ashwell, Rutland, UK. Pilot ejected safely. Engine oil filler cap not properly secured, which led to loss of oil.  
ZK-HVE Kawasaki-Hughes 369D 6701 15/05/2008 Crashed at Paringa, Westland, New Zealand. **
ZK-HWE Kawasaki Hughes 369D   16/06/2008 Crashed at Maori Saddle, near Haast, Westland, New Zealand after entering un-commanded right yaw **
D-EWHA PZL-104 Wilga 35A 74213 09/08/2008 W/O at Stolin, Germany. 07/02/2011 cancelled.  
YV102T Boeing 737-200 21545/525 11/08/2008 Conviasa - crashed into Iliniza Volcano near Toacaso while on approach to Latacunga Airport, Ecuador **
VP-BKO Boeing 737-500 25792/2353 11/08/2008 Aeroflot Nord - Crashed on approach to Perm Airport, Russia.  **
EI-DON Boeing 737-3YO 23812/1511 30/08/2008 Undercarriage would not lower and bellylanded at Khrabrovo Airport, Kaliningrad, Russia **
ZK-HXR Robinson R22 Alpha   13/09/2008 Crashed into Lake Wanaka 22 km northwest of Wanaka. **
YJ-RV2 Britten Norman BN-2A-20 Islander   01/10/2008 Crashed into mountain 75 kilometres (km) north-east of Luganville, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu  
N18611 Boeing 737-500 27324/2621 01/11/2008 Crew aborted take off at Denver IAP and aircraft departed left side of runway and caught fire **
ZK-FNX Cessna A185E 185-1456 19/12/2008 Badly damaged at Watea Airfield, New Zealand. 13/04/2011 cancelled.  
ZH656 Bae Harrier T12   20/12/2008 20 Sq., RAF. Suffered power loss, due to running out of water for engine water injection system, while on hover at Akrotiri, Cyprus and crashed. Both crew ejected safely.  
G-BXAR Avro 146-RJ100 E3298 02/01/2009 BA Cityflyer - 19:40 hrs. Suffered nose wheel collapse on landing at London City and W/O. All 5 crew and 67 passengers safe. AAIB Ref. EW/C2009/02/03. **
TC-JGE Boeing 737-800 29789/1065 09/02/2009 Stalled and crashed 1.5 miles south of Schiphol IAP, Amsterdam while on approach **
G-APRR SPP Super Aero 45 Srs. 4 04-014 13/02/2009 16:19 hrs. Private. During take off from Blackbushe Airport, Hampshire, UK the aircraft swung to the left. The pilot attempted to correct this, inducing an oscillation in yaw. Believing the airspeed to be sufficient for flight the pilot attempted to lift off, after which the aircraft stalled, causing the right wing to strike the ground. The aircraft then came to rest in a gorse bush to the right of the runway. Pilot and both passengers sustained minor injuries. 09/11/2012 reg. (G-APRR) cancelled as WFU. **
ZF344 Shorts Tucano T1   25/02/2009 1 FTS, RAF. Crashed onto the airfield at Linton-on-Ouse, Yorkshire while performing aerobatics. Pilot ejected safely.  
PK-BRD British Aerospace 146-300 E.3189 28/02/2009 Aviastar Mandiri - 07:43 hrs. Crashed on mountainside while on approach to Wamena, Indonesia. All 6 crew killed. **
TL-ADM Boeing 737-200 22264/753 12/03/2009 Crashed near Massamba Village, 125 miles east of Kinshasa, DRC **
N86YP Upton Bakeng Duce   09/04/2009 Private - destroyed in uncontrolled descent and ground impact at Ramona, California. Pilot and passenger killed. **
G-CFSZ Grob G102 Astir CS77 1841 29/04/2009 Private flight - crashed at Ratley, Warwickshire after failing to maintain altitude. **
LN-YUG Rans S-12XL Airaile 04970794 09/05/2009 W/O at Ailigasvann in Borsely, Norway and scrapped.  
PK-TXN Dornier 328-110 3030 13/06/2009 Express Air - veered off runway on landing at Tanahmerah Airport, Indonesia and substantially damaged **
PK-BRO de Havilland DHC-6-300 Twin Otter 756 13/06/2009 Aviastar Mandiri - crashed 19km south southeast while on approach to Wamena Airport, Indonesia **
70-ADJ Airbus A310-324 535 14/06/2009 Yemenia Airways - crashed into sea off Mitsamiouli, Comoros while on approach to Prince Said Ibrahim Int Airport, Moroni. **
RA-0848G Cessna 150L   15/06/2009 W/O at Bashkortastan, Russia.  
D-ESSK Piper PA-38-151 Cherokee Warrior 28-7515397 17/06/2009 Private. W/O at Libnow, Germany after running out of fuel. 14/03/2011 cancelled.  
ZE982 PANAVIA Tornado F3   29/06/2009 43 Sq. RAF. While on a low level training sortie from Leuchars, Fife, the aircraft struck the north slope of Glen Kinglas and exploded. Both crew killed.   
SE-YUI Avid Amphibian 21 30/06/2009 W/O - NFI. 29/10/2013 cancelled as destroyed.  
VH-TMD Bell 206L-1 45184 02/07/2009 W/O - nfi - requires update. 13/04/2011 cancelled.  
G-LNYS Reims Cessna F177RG Cardinal RG 0120 11/07/2009 Private. Suffered loss of power and collided with trees during force landing at Etchingwood Lane, Farmfield, East Sussex, UK. Pilot and passenger safe. 04/05/2010 cancelled as destroyed.
00-0366 General Atomics RQ-1K/L Predator P-066 01/08/2009 USAF - suffered mechanical failure and crashed, Afghanistan
ZK-CNS Piper PA-32-260 Cherokee 6   23/08/2009 Crashed near Claris after take off from Great Barrier Island **
VH-LTD Robinson R22 Beta 3972 04/09/2009 DBR at Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia  
ZU-BEX English Electric Lightning T5   29/09/2009 Ex XS451. Owned by Thunder City, South Africa. Crashed during a display at Overberg Air Force Base, South Africa after suffering hydraulics failure. Pilot killed.  
02 ACW Air Action Dauphin 503 Quicky   09/10/2009 W/O near Laon airfield, France.  
TJ-CAB Boeing 747-2H7B 22378/508 14/11/2009 Cameroon Airlines - 20:57 hrs. Ran off runway on landing at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, France de activation of automatic braking system. Al 16 crew and 187 passengers safe. **
C-GCMD Piper PA-31 Navajo 31-7912101 02/10/2015 KSI Aviation Services Inc - 12:30 hrs. Crashed near Veracruz, Nicaragua during a survey flight. Pilot killed. **
G-BYSO Piper J3C-90 Cub 12809 23/06/200 Private. Suffered engine failure and damaged in forced landing 1 mile NW of Cranfield. 10/10/2001 reg. cancelled to USA.  


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